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Tutoring made easy

We make it super easy for tutors to make money and take it upon ourselves to provide students.

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Why Tutor with us

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Get exposure

We market on a widespread range of platforms to provide maximum visibility among students 

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Easy Payments

Students pay with secure in-app Stripe payment gateway with convenient options like Apple Pay, Credit Card. The funds automatically get transferred to your account.

No cuts from your earnings

You deserve to keep 100% of earnings from your hard work, and we agree with that

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How do I access my earnings?

All your earnings are transferred to your stripe account that is setup on Signup. You can withdraw earnings to your bank account at any time. More info here.

Can I tutor online?

Yes, whenever you setup a session with your student you have an option to schedule the session online or in person. If setting up online you can provide a link of your preferred video calling platform to the student.

What courses can I tutor?

You can tutor any courses that you have previously taken. There are several ways to prove your proficiency in a course, including obtaining a minimum grade in the course, typically B or better. 

How do I file taxes?

If you earn more than $600 in a year, stripe will automatically send you the form 1099.

What Can We Help You With?

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